Daily Archives: May 8, 2008

Soaking in the Sierras

Powder Princess on the hike out

Two times now I’ve had to cancel planned spring trips to the sierras, so when this one was suddenly falling apart days before departure, I suddenly realized that it could quite possibly be now or never.

So with newfound determination, I hurridly planned out the trip in the day or two before departure. I impressed myself by rounding up a fat library of topo maps to the sierras, detailed Delornes road map books for Utah, Nevada, and Northern California (to support my addiction to back-roads and “short-cuts”). I had two different guide books to touring in the Sierras, a guide book to hot springs in California and Nevada. Most importantly, I had a guidebook to help plan for the next big trip, to Morocco, Africa.

In concept, I really like planning, organizing and carefully packing for trips. In practice, however, I consider myself lucky if I remembered to pack my sleeping bag and know which airline I’m on when I arrive at the airport. So, as we drove across Nevada I was very proud of myself for amassing such a complete collection. I was confident we’d be able to navigate any obscure back road or hidden couloir California or Nevada could throw at us.

So when we chatted with some California fisherman in a hot spring in the middle of the Nevada desert, it was a little disappointing to hear that there was very little snow left in the Sierras, and to realize that I had totally neglected to even ponder, wonder or research this tiny little detail.

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