backcountry skiing with the foothill freak

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Patsy Marley
Suprisingly good snow after a week of drought.

1 run
1800 vertical

4 5 6
Summit Park Dog Walk
More time playing with ropes and beacons than skiing. Kuma didnt' mind.

1 run
600 vertical

7 8 9
Days Fork
Jaws, Da Fang, Mick's Ramps, and a very gloppy home run.

4 runs
3200 vertical

10 11
Prince of Wales Silverfork
Interesting to explore this area, but no need to go back, especially not until way more snow comes in!

2 runs
2000 vertical

12 13
Mt. Raymond
A rain and moisture crust came out of nowhere to ruin our expectations of perfect powder. Also spent some time cliffed out on the north side of Raymond.

2 runs
4800 vertical

14 15 16
Got to see the first avalance of the season in Toledo Chute. Vertin with Greg while his son was in day care.

1 run
2000 vertical

17 18
Up to the ridge overlooking mineral. Lot's of punjab sticks to avoid on the way down, but we managed to not get speared.

2800 vertical

19 20
Porter Fork
good heavy powder and a decent that always seems to go on forever, especially for an Ohio boy.

1 run
3700 vertical

21 22
Days Fork
Practically a replay of 12.09.03. Those lines are so good how can one help oneself?

4 runs

23 24 25 26
Perfect North Slopes
300 vertical feet of Ohio's greatest snow on earth
28 29 30
Mount Wire
Freakin action departing from Hoogle Zoo.

1 run
1000 vert?

Grandure Peak
We were going for the summit from the valley floor, but high winds and low snows changed our minds.

1 run
1500 vert?