Misc. Picts. from 2002/2003


Dale Peak Ridge Tour

Start at Little Mountain Pass at the top of Emigration Canyon. Head west, staying high on the ridge.

Up there on the scrub scale. Borrow your friends skis for the trek, and a machete while you're at it. There's probably a reason that this area rarely gets skied.


Makin turns foothill-slalom style.
Nearing Dale Peak and the grand SLC overlook
Dropping from here brings you to Ruths Diner.



South face of Ben Lomond

Like Mnt. Superior, but closer to Smith and Edwards!

Here's the view from half way up.


Huntsman Hill

Two small canyons south of Emigration Canyon, Huntsman Hill provides some surprisingly steep foothill skiing.

Huntsman Hill as seen from the east. The steep north east gulley, hidden from view in the valley, is visible from this perspective.
Sign in before dropping off.
Take time to watch the sun set before you enjoy a twilight bushwacking home in the lower canyon.




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