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December 27
Raymond Norte & Shorte
Well, a year ago helmut and I started off down this chute, but turned back once helmut came upon a short cliff band. Today, the powder princess and I returned with rope and harness, to complete the voyage. Unfortunately, for lack of a doggie specific harness, Star Child had to stay at home. Since my picts turned out so bad, I decided to give them that "yellowish, crappy old photo" look. Enjoy!

The chute is slightly left of center of this pict that I took a couple weeks earlier from Main Porter. In the picture it goes straight down from the center of east Raymond ridge.

Here's the powder princess at the bottom of the rappel. I would have shown the picture of her rappelling over the lip, but that shot makes the cliff look like it's only about a 10 foot drop, which it probably is...

This is looking back up after making a few turns down the apron. It looks kinda small in this photo but it's really HUGE!

Norte & Shorte, or whatever it's called, makes an exciting home run after sessioning Raymond's North Glades. The upper half of the run offers some great turns with that "over a cliff" feel. The bottom apron rolls out pretty quickly, but it's fun to ski the north drainage, which roller coasters down through wide fields of mysteriously short & stubby pines. The chute fills in by the end of the season, and is also down climbable or jumpable for those inclined to steep freakishness. My plan is to return in a few months once it fills in and ski it top to bottom, with a stop in the middle to pull the ring and runners I've left behind. If you beat me to it, they're on skiers left, help yourself.

December 26
Georges Bowl, again.
It was bitter cold and the snow was completely windblown, but at least there was a nice, long approach.

December 25. Xmas, Ya know!
Toot's ta boots
I don't know who named this run, but I don't think they did a very good job of it. Star Child and I were quite pleased to discover deep, soft powder on our one and only Christmas day run.

December 24
Maybird Trees
Great skiing down in the trees, and we were in radio contact with another friend as he summited the Pheiferhorn above us, making us quite jealous. We discovered a ramshackel shelter on the ridge and helped ourselves to a Christmas Eve shot of the Crown Royal that was stashed there!

December 19
Days fork, Toledo bowl
Days Fork was shit, but from the top of Toledo Bowl to LCC road was Da Shit! Phenonemal corn snow blanketed the south faces. With the sun low, temps low, and the winds constant, the south side offered firm, but carveable corn even for our home run at 3:45.

December 18
Gobblers Knob
Big tour day for Star Child as we climbed from Porter Fork to the top of Gobblers. Almost every surface had slid, creating a snowpack that was about two feet shallower than when we were there two weeks ago. The massive funneling of the debris convieniently cleared a swatch through the wiene wackers, giving the north face a least 200 vft more open skiing. The screaming professor tested out his new rando gear and for the first time was able to keep up with leaping ScruffBucket.

gobblers knob

On another note, SomeGuy had a party. There was a brainstorming session in which a new tag line for the foothill freak was born: It's Fer Reals, Brah. Also at the party the utah classic bumpersticker "I love mormon pussy" mysterious appeared on SomeGuys vehicle....

December 14
Georges Bowl
We dawn patrolled our way up to Georges to get a birds eye view of the avalanche that fatally trapped two snowshoers in Mineral Fork. On our way up, we were blown away by the sight of a recent slide that seemingly came out of nowhere, took out the approach trail (cardiff fork road), hit the valley bottom and shot up the opposite side of the drainage, knocking over most of an aspen glade on it's way. Definitely a slide to ruin your day, and a reminder why the snowshoers, most likely never stood a chance. The snow up on Georges was very fun, carveable powder, The icy road out was a good reminder of why I wear a helmut. The remains of several massive avalanches were good reminders of why the dangers of this sport should not be underestimated.

December 12
Alta Day
Big Daddy was in town so an Alta day was called for. By the last run, He had charmed and amassed a large posse of hot, shredding telemarking babes. This meant that if Big Daddy fell into a tree well, there would be a crew of darling young women to pull him out. Therefore, I took off to hit some steep lines...

December 11
Mill D, Reynolds north trees, Big Water area
We had a Phat possee. With it being a high avy day, I opted for the security of the Mill D area. We entertained ourselves with ultra low angle snow and tight tree runs.

December 5
Main Porter Fork
Pretty much just went up Porter Fork to look across the range and see our tracks on Gobblers from the day before. Every work of beauty deserves to be admired. (unfortunately, our turns did not survive the next snowstorm. The weight of the new snow took out the layer upon which we skied. The marks of our passing ended up in a large debris pile, 1500 feet below where they were left....)