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Mount Aire Shoulder
Quality zipper crust beneath a couple inches of soft powder. The sound of semis jake breakin. Slowly waking up.

2 runs
2500 vert


Terrace Hills
Witnessed some tracks that made a decent down a wickedly thin snow pack. Ahh, someone else with the freak spirit.

3 runs
1200 vertical

Maybird Apron
I've always wanted to ski this line and today was the day. The snow was too deep to make the low angle line much excitement for skis, but damn it's beautiful there... Next time, to the Oblisk!

2360 vertical

Porter Fork Traverse
Up to North Raymond Glades, over into upper main Porter Fork, Up to Peak 9776, and down Neffs Canyon.

3 runs
5500 vertical

Terrace Hills
Steep, Deep, on the verge of suburban creep.

2 runs
500 vertical


Huntsman Hill
It's really steep, it's kinda deep, you can see your turns from downtown SLC. Kuma got partially buried in a very large sluff. After being partly dazed, she was soon ready for more.

2 runs
2500 vertical


The Y Coulior
We entered the "dude-Brah" club today by skiing the Y. So many folks were there that we barely had a place to park. Record cold temperatures in the valley were extra cold in the Y gullet. Now to time it right so to avoid the moguls...

1 run
3200 vertical


Grandeur Peak
Years a go we spied the north bowl of Grandeur from Dale Peak... Today the dream came true. Kuma once again suffered through multiple pummelings in the large quantities of sluff we sent down. We skied all the way out Pharaoh's Glen to Parleys Canyon. A short 60ft rope helped us descend a waterfall near the end.

1 run
2500 vertical climb

Coal Pit Sufferfest
One of these days I want to ski Coal Pit without it being an epic... Started off with a 100ml camelback explosion, then White Pine to Hogum 1000 to Hyperdermic wrong turn to the Hyperdermic traverse and then up and down "the pit".Definitely the worst skiing of the year through punchy powder on nerve shattered legs.

3 runs, sort of
5800 vertical


Neff's Canyon
Morning quickie. Super mushy snow resulting from sudden warm temperatures. After weeks of freezing temps, the forties felt tropical.

1 run
2000 vertical



Grandeur Peak
East Face

We saw this line last weekend and returned to check it out. We also took a quick line on the north side that featured some excellent, tinkling surface hoar on a supportable crust. After making a turn, the sluffs would rush ahead of you for a moment until you caught up to it and made another turn, starting the process all over again. Kuma kept chasing bunnies.

2 runs

A lot more snow since my last visit. We found suprisingly decent snow at the top and sessioned it hard. A great run all the way back to the car: Great snow up top, exciting slalom skiing in the middle, and multiple hand made kickers near the bottom.


Raymond Glades
Suprisingly good snow up on the north aspects. This tour had it's moments, such as when I was digging a snow pit and I knocked my ski over and sent it hurtling down the hill. read more


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Office Bowl
A quickie on the North slope of City Creek Canyon.

Bulter Fork Trees
Big avalanche danger kept most folks out of the mountains today. Fierce winds on Gobblers sounded like a huge river rapid and DOT bombing on Argenta kept our ears busy.

3 runs
3000 vert

Porter Fork
Tried out a split board. It was perfect for the heavy, deep powder and for making the long run down West Porter go quickly.

photo a
photo b
2 runs
4200 vert

Snow Basin
Resorts don't really count, but some out of bounds lines helped me find some peace, solitude, and bottomless freshies.

Mt. Wire
A foothill classic that pretty much must be hit before the sun comes out. There definitely was no sun; the top was a complete white out. We picked a ridge to descend and didn't find out where we were until we hit the bottom.

photo a
photo b
photo c
1 run
2200 vertical