backcountry skiing with the foothill freak

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Baldy Chute, Shoulder, and Key Hole
Snow so good that no one is going to believe how good it was. But just in case someone out there believes: 8 inches of creamy smooth powder that felt bottomless and made for effortless turns. Meanwhile, the winds were cold enough to freeze solid the camelback nipple. We made the mistake of taking a home run into the Bird to get some "extra vertical". The keyhole was awesome, but our extra vertical down low was mostly survival skiing over barely covered rocks and shrubs. Really enjoyed looking down the valley from the crisp white snow of the bird to the green budding aspen below.
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Bald Mountain, Uintas
Got the pooch out skiing one last time on some decent uinta pre-corn. A freshly thawed cliff band prevented us from skiing from the summit, but the middle apron on the north east side was excellent when approached from the bottom. Cool winds kept the mush manageable for three runs. Photos