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Gobblers Knob Avalanche

March 14th, 2007

Gone, gone, gone... All the white stuff of my favorite lines on Gobblers Knob ended up in a massive debris pile a half mile down canyon by the intersection of North Raymond Fork and the Gobblers gully. Touring in the Raymond/Gobblers neighborhood today was like tip toeing through a dragon's lair; carnage lay heaped around every corner. The avalanche on cabin run looked tiny next to this monster. Nature never ceases to amaze.

Kinda hard to see before the sun came up.

The standard skin track route was about the only part that didn't slide.

Gobblers Knob avalanche

This is the middle part of the slide, or the beginning of the deposition zone which stretched about a quarter mile. If we get a dump big enough to bury the huge chunks, it'll be really great skiing!

Here's the lower middle part of the slide, more of the deposition zone. Thousands of aspen scrubbies thankfully flattened.

Skiing up to the Gobblers Knob Avalanche

Supportable crusts made for excellent explorations.

This is looking down the track towards the intersection with North Raymond fork. No more crashing through the brush!

Gobblers Knob Avalanche

This is looking back up the track towards Gobblers Knob.

Another Gobblers Knob Avalanche

This was a smaller slide between Gobblers and Raymond. It's a stunning example of how trees don't always work as anchors.

Skinning on Raymond Shoulder

We stuck to low angles, ridges, supportable crusts and slopes that had already slid as we tip-toed through the dragon's lair... Till noon, anyways.