Monthly Archives: August 2008

Getting nuts in Zion National Park

Get some nuts in Zion National ParkYa know how good trips always seem to develop their own quotes or sayings? Well, thanks to DH1 and his vast knowledge of YouTube, “Get some nuts!” became the theme of our recent canyoneering trip to Southern Utah. His description of the new commercials featuring Mr. T bullying wimpy guys sounded so hilarious that all i really wanted to do was to get home and google the footage on YouTube. But, fortunately, we stuck it out and had two perfect days in some of the deepest, tightest recessions of Zion National Park. Continue reading

Mosquitoed by Lone Peak

powder porpoise Just a quick overnighter in the meadow below Lone Peak Cirque. To save weight I didn’t bring the netting of my tent. Then, halfway up the gruelling “Jacobs Ladder” trail, I remembered the last time I spent the night in Lone Peak Cirque about the same time of year: I was eaten alive by mosquitoes.. Unfortunately, this year was no different. Despite the passing of a quick but powerful thunderstorm, the PowderPorpoise and I were snacked on all night long. Continue reading