Getting nuts in Zion National Park

Get some nuts in Zion National ParkYa know how good trips always seem to develop their own quotes or sayings? Well, thanks to DH1 and his vast knowledge of YouTube, “Get some nuts!” became the theme of our recent canyoneering trip to Southern Utah. His description of the new commercials featuring Mr. T bullying wimpy guys sounded so hilarious that all i really wanted to do was to get home and google the footage on YouTube. But, fortunately, we stuck it out and had two perfect days in some of the deepest, tightest recessions of Zion National Park.

Mr. T goes canyoneering
Mr. T drops into his favorite slot canyon.

twisty tree rappel
Foothill get’s used to rappelling again.

rappelling in Zion National Park

DH1 gets ready for the last of the short rappels.

DH1 rappels
DH1 gets ready for the first of the big rappels.

foothill rappels
Here’s the rappel that had foothill tossing and turning in his sleep the night before.

rappelling into the Zion Narrows.
The final rappel of the day, right into the surging crowds of the Zion Narrows.

I’m not going to say that the canyons we descended were anything particularly difficult. But I did have a “superstar moment”, when buying ice cream in a small local market later that night. While standing in line, an unfamiliar, large chinese family surrounded me with big smiles to say, “hey, you’re the guy that climbed down into the narrows today!” and proceeded to ask more questions about the feat! Kinda weird to be singled out like that, but when I finally recognized the grandfather that I’d met in the canyon earlier that day I was relieved.

Day two
DH1, always looking studly if the face of adversity. Sometimes in the face of poopy smelling water too.

Mr. Foothill Freak
All this canyoneering and I was home in time to watch Mr. T on YouTube before work on monday, Sweet!

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