More evidence that domestic oil proposals are completely corrupt

Oink Oink! Reason number one: Today I read this headline on “Cheney Pushes for More Drilling”. What more evidence do you need?

But wait, there is more! In the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper today Utah senators claim that a ban on domestic oil shale development “imperils the nation’s hopes for energy independence.”

I’m all for energy independence, but developing oil shale only creates more dependence as it “requires huge amounts of water and electricity and emits tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide”. To add insult to injury, our little domestic oil production victory would be possible through “a partnership with Petrobras of Brazil and Mitsui & Co Ltd. of Japan.”

Please, don’t be fooled by the same people that sold us the “war on terror.” If you need more evidence of the corruption behind domestic oil development, just keep in mind that switching dealers is no way to fix an addiction.

One thought on “More evidence that domestic oil proposals are completely corrupt

  1. Raoul Funt

    Keep vigilant. This administration has a scorched earth policy and wants to go out with a bang. Martial law, anyone?

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