Mosquitoed by Lone Peak

powder porpoise Just a quick overnighter in the meadow below Lone Peak Cirque. To save weight I didn’t bring the netting of my tent. Then, halfway up the gruelling “Jacobs Ladder” trail, I remembered the last time I spent the night in Lone Peak Cirque about the same time of year: I was eaten alive by mosquitoes.. Unfortunately, this year was no different. Despite the passing of a quick but powerful thunderstorm, the PowderPorpoise and I were snacked on all night long.

camped by lone peak cirque

sleepy poochi

Powder Porpoise does her best Ray Charles impression… Tired after being attacked by bugs and storms all night.

on the way down

The only thing longer than hiking up the Jacobs ladder trail is hiking it back down: Agony both ways. Next time I’m leaving the backpack at home and doing it in a day.

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