Prickely Blooms

Blooming Prickely Pear CactusA quick Memorial Day weekend road trip that circled the center of the state. We stopped at Mystic Hot Springs, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Coyote Gulch, all places that we want to revisit, again and again. The Prickely Pear cacti were blooming like mad. Huge pink blossoms flaunted their delicate petals to a dry, abrasive landscape.
tunnel in Bryce Canyon
trail switchbacks in Bryce Canyon National Park
Overlooking Bryce Canyon National Park
Blooms by the hole in the rock road
dropping through the \"crack in the wall\" down to Coyote Gulch and the Escalante
Prickely Pear Blossom by a moromon tea plant
Hiking in the stream of Coyote Gulch
Backpacking Coyote Gulch
Natural Bridge in Coyote Gulch

the hike from Coyote Gulch back to the corral is surreal

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  1. Jamey Liddell

    If your ever in park city ut and need a place to crash we have some great bc skiing behind our house. Got here from tgr.

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