Spring Powder

ski cut triggered avalanche in White Pine

Today was payback for suffering through the icy, windy conditions of the Tushars. White Pine offered up run after run of perfect spring powder.

Heading directly to Lake Peak

I tried blazing a “non-traditional” route up white pine canyon, directly towards Lake Peak. “Direct” may sound nice, but after crossing multiple potential burial zones, rounding multiple steep lumpies, and worst of all, having to loose some elevation, I decided that next time I’d stick with the standard… Or to try a Red Pine wrap-around.

Lake Peak in White Pine

Of course we wanted to ski Lake Peak from the summit, but Powder Princess had a 12:30 turn around time to get ready for work. Luckly, the snow didnt’ appear too promising above our high point anyway.

The line into the shot we wanted to ski was entirely windloaded and lined on one side by a fresh cornice. I decided to ski cut the little chute, which released a chunk of the cornice and brought down the freshly loaded snow just below my traverse. Hearing the snow sizzle as it tumbled down the bowl was as beautiful as the bright, clear day itself.

Powder Princess spoons her way down white pine

Powder Princess spoons her way down yet another perfect stash on our way out of white pine.

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