Volcan Llaima erupts

Volcan Llaima erupts, viewed from the west
Skiing is a wonderful way to learn geography

Today my boss came into my office and asked, “did you hear about the volcano in South America that erupted?”.

If I had heard this question a year ago, it would have been a relatively meaningless experience. I would have been interested momentairly. I would have read about the eruption on-line, and would have forgotten the places and names as quickly as I had read article.

But having skied 3 very active volcanoes in Chile just last september, I was floored. “It wasn’t Llaima, was it?” I asked.

“I think it might have been” was his reply.

Quickly I googled Llaima, and suddenly I was looking at the line I had skied only months ago engulfed in lava, flames and airborne ash.

I thought of the people I met on the mountain, the ski bums who let us use their kitchen for two nights, the residents from the nearby town to whom skiing must seem to be one of the greatest luxuries…

Thankfully, everyone was okay.

Volcan Llaima erupts
Volcan Llaima erupts

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