Monthly Archives: January 2009

Hole in one

dsc08652It’s well known in our group of ski freaks that the Powder Princess has an uncanny ability to sniff out the best lines of powder around. This fact was ground into my awareness one day in the north bowl of Box Elder Peak. I traversed left thinking a more northly aspect would be softest and most consistent.

After a tooth rattling ride down the chunky, inconsistenly breakable face, I noticed that the princess had traversed right, betting that the afternoon sun had softened up a slightly more west facing slope. As she descended, her turns linked up so smoothly that it was obvious she had chosen the better line. Right about the time I noticed that it had a better, longer fall line as well, she started giggling and squealing with delight… Continue reading

Freakin in the backyard

dsc08631-smThe latest Patagonia catalogue has a great concept: finding adventure in your own backyard. Unfortunately, all the photos look like the usual to me. The Picture from the Wasatch, (of which there is always at least one) is from Cardif Fork. Who’s backyard is that? The “backyard” concept seem to me that it would really benefit from some photography from the foothill freak. Continue reading