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Worst Coffee Ever

Don’t go camping at 9,000 ft, forget to bring your coffee filter, and expect good coffee. I thought an old kerchief would work as an excellent impromptu filter, but old kerchief tasting coffee quickly changed my mind.

snow camping Box Elder

Coffee anyone? It's all fun and games until you realize you've forgotten the proper paraphernalia for caffeination.

Morning Glory chased by Sweet Cheeks.

Morning Glory and I made plans to meet via text messaging. I thought we were meeting in SLC at 7am, whereas she thought we were meeting in Upper Dry Creek at 7am! Woops! Sorry!

Winter Camping near Box Elder, Utah

Room with a view.

backcountry skiing utah

Roll out the Barrels, roll out the barrels for fun.

I borrowed a very heavy camera for the trip and hauled it around all weekend. I should have taken more shots at sunrise and sunset, but I have to say, even for late March, it was downright cold and I found myself stuck inside my sleeping bag. I’m pretty sure that I’ve been completely spoiled by yurts and huts for the rest of my life…

Skiing in Dry Creek, Utah

End of the road

Avalanche from the past

All my picts from skiing yesterday look like crap so I think it’s time to appreciate some fascinating avalanche pictures from the past.

Gobbler Knob Avalanch photo by bob athey

Bob Athey wins the "best photo of the Gobblers Knob Avalanche" with this one from March 14th, 2007

Exactly 3 years ago I happened to be the first to arrive at Gobblers Knob after a humongous avalanche had scoured it’s north-west face. It’s still the most impressive avalanche I’ve ever seen. Since Gobblers Knob has been in the news again this year, I thought this might be a great time to take a photographic walk down memory lane by sharing three different looks at this awesome 2007 event.