Mid-summer Harvest Time Salad Recipe

Beets, straight from the backyard and into the steamer.

Beets, straight from the backyard and into the steamer.

Finally, Harvest time is here! It’s hard to beat the freshness of a salad made almost entirely from ingredients from the backyard, plucked from the ground moments before being consumed. It not only means eating about as well as you possibly can, but it’s one less errand you have to worry about.

To help share the excitement, here is ShugaPants & the Freaks favorite, most recent salad creation:

Lettuce: whatever’s growing in the backyard. Arugula would be nice if you have some.
Beets: shred them raw, or thinly slice up roasted or steamed ones.
Goat cheese: crumble away.
Red onion: in long, thin slices.
Cucumber: what’s not to love?

Top with:
Pumpkin seeds: Toast them up in a rusty iron skillet right before serving.

Add dressing:
1 part olive oil, extra virgin
1 part balsamic. Dark, thick and rich balsamic.
1 pile of garden herbs that would cost about $20-$30 if you were to buy them in the little plastic boxes from a store. We’ve been using tons of oregano, parsley, and chives.
1 pile of finely chopped garlic, enough to ward off a crazed vampire.
1 teaspoon mustard: just enough to emulsify the oil and vinegar

Serve with some super chilled white wine on a hot backyard evening.

Bon appetite!

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