Monthly Archives: October 2011

Some Night Photography

I’ve been meaning to do this all summer, take a quick trip out to west desert to see the Milky Way and take some night shots… Great way to be out in the cold while waiting for ski season.

West Desert Sun Set

The lights of I-80 heading off to a dying west desert sunset

Milkyway over Delta, Utah

The Milkyway, over Delta Utah

20ish minute exposure looking south

20ish minute exposure looking south

The sky is spinning

This reminds me of those spinning rooms in haunted houses...

And a short timelapse. (the cold killed my batteries faster than I thought it would, so it’s really short) Currently looking to invest in a larger battery pack. Plus, watch it in HD or else it will just look like a bunch of digital noise!

Trolling for Rainbows: Timelapse

Wierd thing happened this week. I listened to a WireTap episode called “chasing rainbows”. The show, which interviews a real life rainbow chaser, ends with a hilarious song called “double rainbow” that I couldn’t quite get out of my head.

The real surprise came a couple days later.

We had a room at the Cliff Lodge with an incredible view of the fall colors on lower Peruvian Gulch. I thought that the rusty colors would make an excellent foreground for a time lapse video of the clouds scraping along the top of Mount Baldy. I set my little G11 on a flimsy tripod and timed it to shoot about every second, and left the room. When I returned later that evening, I instinctively previewed the last frame to check the exposure. It was pretty dark. Wondering how many dark frames I’d captured I quickly scrolled through the images.

Then I saw it….. Enjoy!