Chicken-fried nevada mountains

On family trips 30 years ago, my dad used to always say, “Foothill, when in Rome, eat like the Romans!”

At first I was a little confused as our family trips were usually to the South Carolina coast, not Rome. But it wasn’t long before I understood the true meaning of the saying and I was ordering a shrimp burger with glee.

That’s why when I found myself at a neon-lit, roadside cafe in Ely, Nevada I went for the chicken fried steak. Here are a couple picts from the environs, and a link to see more:

rime or reason

ski trip to Nevada, Ely at night.

skiing in Nevada near Ely

See the rest of the ski photos on picasa.

One thought on “Chicken-fried nevada mountains

  1. Randy

    Hey Jamie,

    Nice skiing with you in MT. Like your TR on the Deep Creeks. Stan and I did that last year, did what summit were you on? Amazing there are 12k peaks out there.

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