Trolling for Rainbows: Timelapse

Wierd thing happened this week. I listened to a WireTap episode called “chasing rainbows”. The show, which interviews a real life rainbow chaser, ends with a hilarious song called “double rainbow” that I couldn’t quite get out of my head.

The real surprise came a couple days later.

We had a room at the Cliff Lodge with an incredible view of the fall colors on lower Peruvian Gulch. I thought that the rusty colors would make an excellent foreground for a time lapse video of the clouds scraping along the top of Mount Baldy. I set my little G11 on a flimsy tripod and timed it to shoot about every second, and left the room. When I returned later that evening, I instinctively previewed the last frame to check the exposure. It was pretty dark. Wondering how many dark frames I’d captured I quickly scrolled through the images.

Then I saw it….. Enjoy!