Kanookie Krazy

Mount Saint Nicholas
Years ago a Canadian told me that Mt. Saint Nicholas made a nice day tour from the Bow Hut. After finally seeing it in person I’m not so sure “nice” is the best descriptor!

winter camping in april
After suffering through a sleepless night of high winds at camp 1, we dug camp 2 in deep, and had an amazing sunrise before the skies turned back to grey.

fresh tracks
Like an ant on an icy watermelon, the highlight was descending from our Mount Collie camp down to the Des Poilus Glacier on the most gigantic rollover ever.

at the toe of the glacier
The Des Poilus glacier ended in a gentle tongue we happily slid down. We’re now ready for the syncronized-roped skiing contest thanks to Des Poilus! Isolated Peak and our destination, Isolated Col, on the horizon (directly above PowderPrincesses backpack).

Thank you Canada!