Scotland’s West Highland Way


Day hike up Scotlands highest Peak, Ben Nevis.



The handwork done to the trail was impressive to say the least. Many well placed stone staircases eased our ascent.



The view from high up on Ben Nevis, moments before a white out rolled in and my finger completely obscured the camera lense.



Day one: Hiking the West Highland Way near Kenlochleven. We picked up a friend, Max. Notice the subtle difference in pack size!



Looking good in our “waterproofs”: 12 miles in and still smiling!



Of course it’s always the last mile, or two, that’s the hardest.


Day Two. After descending the devils staircase the weather turned foul. We walked by a famous mountain with a Gaelic name that continues to elude me.



Day three. Moss!



Entering quaint farmland, which means be careful where you step.



We encountered a couple hikers today that had strange accents: They were from the U.S..



The Dover Inn: a 300+ year old establishment featuring a bar where the staff all wear kilts.



Day four. After a ferry ride that featured coffee with a shot of whisky (Wish I had a picture of Wendi’s joy upon learning this) we walked along Loch Lomond on the most beautiful trail.



Lovely winding narrow track.



Day five, Last day. Got an early start on the trail today, which started out by going up Conic Hill for a view of Loch Lomond.



I think the Scottish really appreciated my “desert nomad” look.



“Are we there yet?” The last mile of the trail before it finishes in Milngavie (pronounced “Mull-guy”, of course). The most tragic thing about trekking is that by the time I finally learn how to properly pronounce the names of the towns I’m visiting I’m usually leaving the area for the next town…

Ready to be done walking for a while.

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