backcountry skiing with the foothill freak
Emigration Oaks skiing

Praise for the Foothill Freak

For more than 5 years has been here to show you the underbelly (as well as the rear end) of backcountry skiing in the Wasatch. Please enjoy these remarks of praise for from prominent ski industry visionaries that we've received over the years:


"This site is the biggest waste of time since the invention of mini skis"

~Louis Dawgson, Granddaddy of US ski mountaineering


"We have seen your dog off leash in Millcreek Canyon and as soon as we find out who you are we are coming after you and your defecating mongrel"

~Finch Waddlesworth, President of PAP SMR
(People Against Pets Scampering in Mountainous Regions)


"Stop making postings that give away all my secret stashes! Next time I see your skanky fro in the BC I'm going to whip-it™ your ass..."

~Bobby Bathey, Freelance Wasatch Correspondent


"Foothill Freak? What's that? Please stop emailing me."

~Andy McKlane, Local prophet and possible
founder of early mornings in the Wasatch.


"That looks cold. I hate winter sports cuz they're too chilly."

~hot_n_naughty (some girl I met on the internet, briefly)


"What about me? Can we just talk about me? Post more pictures of me!"

~Powder Princess, Shred Betty and Line Connoisseur