backcountry skiing with the foothill freak

Who is the Foothill Freak?

Freakin' where no man has freaked before...

In December 2001, Bud Smithson came out of deep, 5 year coma that resulted from a tragic nail-gun accident. He came back to this world with a burning mission: to ski in some of the most overlooked places right outside of cosmopolitan Salt Lake City. Fearless of shrubbery and vast expanses of snowlessness, "the freak" was reborn that winter, bushwhacking up, down, and across the foothills.

That winter, while others stayed home, complaining about the lack of snow in the wasatch, the freak found an unprecedented stash of powder at lower elevations. Also know as crud, mush, ice, sustrugi, confetti, dirt and asphalt, the freak found all these wonderful snow conditions within minutes from his job as a deep fat fryer technician near Trolley Square.

Unfortunately, the past few years have not been so good for "freakin'". Low elevation snow totals have been nonexistent, and global warming threatens the very future of this new sport: Extreme-ly Low Elevation Skiing. But until the big dumps come low, you may still follow the freak's adventures as he rigorously trains in the upper, middle, and lowest wasatch.

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