All Powder Porpoise, All the time.

AKA, the Ãœber Boo, Kuma Boo, and the greatest ski dog ever.

Kuma and I did a quick trip up to dog lake and Shangri La to sleep beneath a large pine tree.

Our last weekend together, Kuma and I did a quick trip up to Dog Lake and Shangri La to sleep beneath a large pine tree among the stars and the mosquitoes.

A shady break during a mosquitoey backpack trip to the cirque of Lone Peak

A shady break during a mosquitoey backpack trip to the cirque of Lone Peak

supa flying sniffer doo

What do you mean this is the last run already???

What do you mean this is the last run already???

sleeping in the deep creeks

porter fork early winter
guess who's first?
boo basket
boo boo-boo
la sal
powder puff

Powder dog
Kuma waiting for the mountainbikers
off into the sunset

10 thoughts on “All Powder Porpoise, All the time.

  1. Morning Glory

    Such a great pooch and fun to see her photos through the lifespan! She got more vert than any ski dog I know (lucky!). I miss her already.

  2. Jillian

    I love these photos. We lost our 12 year old Mack in December and I can honestly say that I feel your pain. The love never goes away, it just continues to grow.

    ~ Jillian

  3. Tim & Julie

    So much personality. My favorite memory was of her staying at our house when we brought Cooper home. Kuma set up her dog bed at her usual spot in our room, but after we had the audacity to bring a stupid puppy into the same house, she dragged the bed (all the while making angry grunting sounds and giving me the evil eye) to another room for the duration of the week. She got even at her next sleepover by teaching Cooper to roll in “Stinkys” (she was the Jedi Master of Stinky Rolling . . .)

    We’ll miss her!

  4. Willis

    My heart is totally broken…….
    I had looked forward to getting older with “the flying dog!” Though we both had a good start at that, I figured we would hang out in the comfort of my couch and wait for the others to come in from skiing….sadly…ADDie and I will wait without her.
    The Grand Dame while staying with me, ate the bowl of popcorn she knocked off the counter…including some of the glass…..I “required” the house credit card in the event of future vet visits….turns out, the next time she stayed with me in my upstairs apartment, she jumped from the second floor…..just bruised.
    We are so very lucky that she found her way into our lives.
    Jamie and Christine and Tommy….she had the best life any dog or person, for that matter, could ever have.
    If I am lucky enough to come back as a doG, I hope you will come back as my Mom and Dads.
    Love to you all,

  5. Helmut

    The Kuma boo

    Rescue dog released a prior life of chain.
    Became to new life a luxury and splendor
    Entire Wasatch her dominance domain.
    Deep snow porpoise, supreme ball defender.

    Dollops of dollar signs middle down turn tracks
    Her trade mark of signature du piste.
    Gurgle her excitement, anticipating action
    Breathing hard the snow and mist.

    Deer here, squirrel there
    nothing was left missing.
    Intrepid chaser
    of all things worth pursuing.

    Life lived fully,
    Life lived hard.
    A life loved,
    A life sorely missed.

    — see blog for more Boo-eulogy

  6. twigalicious

    Boo-Boo I really miss you! Many a fond memory of back seat yodeling, powder snorkeling, dances of anticipation, loving licks and precious pats on the head (along with a few rump scratches).

  7. Sean

    So sorry to hear about Kuma dog. I will never forget the first mountain bike ride I took with you Chris (a.k.a Helmut) and Kuma up Killians Canyon. I thought our Vizsla mix was an unstoppable force, till I met Kuma. I could not get over the fact that she ran full throttle while we rode, and when we stopped for a break, she dropped the tennis ball and expected you to throw it. How she could get enough oxygen to chase us on bikes while carrying the tennis ball was a mystery to me. Truly an amazing dog that lived an active life in the hands of great owners.

  8. Derek

    Just stumbled upon this. Fritz and I had a great day skiing with you and Kuma up Neffs a while back. Judging from Kuma’s incredible fitness and prowess, I had no idea she was in her golden years. I lost Fritz, my best touring partner last August too………..

    RIP Kuma, shred the skin track with Fritz, will ya.

  9. Dad

    wonderful blog James. Just showed All Powder Porpoise to your Mom. She cried. She wants to know where is the one of Kuma in the backpack?
    Kevin says hello.


  10. Anne

    Have just had a stroll through your life! Some great adventures, photos and forever fun…keep on freakin!

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