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Travel Tip #1

As the new year looms, it’s time to plan trips! Here’s a quick travel tip to help you start 2010 safely!

Consider not booking your next seat over a known fracture point. Bon Voyage!

Figure 1. Consider booking your next airline seat somewhere other than over a known fracture point. Bon Voyage!

Book your seat in advance.

I go for the window seat so i can glue my eyeballs to the smeary/sticky window every time the plane goes over a mountain range. I also prefer to climb over people rather than have people climb over me, which also makes the window seat tops!

Additionally, consider the fore and aft position of your seat. Over the wing or in the tail are best in case your ride in the sky cracks open like an egg. (see figure 1) You wouldn’t want to be sitting on a potential fracture line!