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Foothill Freak: Backcountry Pimp Merchandise

for tha ladies for the guys

Foothill Freak T-shirt

Let people know that you mean business by sporting your Foothill Freak slogan t-shirt. Choose from these fine titles:

  • Foothill Freak: wasatch, utah (pictured)
  • All Amateur Ski Porno, All the Time
  • Utah: Freakin' Skiing
  • Go with the fro
  • Living the dream
  • Satire, subversion, + skiing
  • Foothill Freak: for reals, brah!

Available sometime in the near future.

Foothill Freak Fuzzy Dice

Pimp out your sled with a handsome fuzzy pair. Essential for bushwackin killaz.

Foothill Freak Logo Patch

Sew them on to your trusty russack to show your support


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