backcountry skiing with the foothill freak


Foothill Fidos

So, you want to appear on the foothill fidos page, eh? Well, here are the rules:

  1. you must be a dog, or at least have big ears
  2. you must be on (or airborne over) snow, or alternately:
  3. you can be in a ski chalet, ski cabin, igloo, yurt, tent or thatched lean-to
  4. No Drooling!
Full Ear Flappage

The Powder Porpoise being cute, again...


There have been some complaints that the only dog featured on the ffidos page is Star Child... So here ya go, a yurty pict of scratcy...

Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks on top of Red Mountain in the Deep Creeks.


Here's Sweet Cheek's buddy, Crooklyn. Crooklyn likes to go on solo journeys and to return with objects of dubious origin. To find out exactly where he was going, his parents strapped a gps to his back and then plotted his course. Here are the results:

Summit Park

Crooklyn's crooked path through Summit Park.

DH1 + Da Porpoise

The Powder Porpoise being cute, again...

Ski Dog Extroidinair

And again...


And again...

kuma in millcreek

And again...