backcountry skiing with the foothill freak



If you want to appear on the freaklets page, here are the rules:

1. you must be on (or over) snow
2. you must be under the age of 5
3. you must be cute
4. you have to be freeky


Guess who, working on some photo-documentation for her blog...


Dads make the best chairlift safety devices. Just try and fall off this ride...

T-Rex stylin as usual

Does the fashion make the girl or the girl make the fashion? T-Rex makes her own apres-ski party scene in a fresh Prada wrap and Fendi boots, size tiny.

T-rex at Stowe
Fashionista T-Rex is ski training on the icy slopes of Stowe, VT so that when she moves back out west she'll rip the pow like mom.



It's hard to lay a really good carve with an "edgie-wedgie" holding your tips together, but Piki can show you how to do it...


Set up for the spin by looking over your left shoulder...

freaklet pile up
The freaklet in the middle might be over 5 years old...

This extra shred-ready freaklet is testing out the latest in multi-functional full body bivy/ski/slumber wear.


kai surfin
Okay, there is an exception to rule #1, as long as nakedness is involved.

ski children
Nakedness combined with actual ski paraphernalia is even better.


piki peek a boo

Okay, here's another exception to rule #1, but what do you expect from New Mexico? At least there's ski paraphenelia and adherence to rule #3.


Baby you can drive my ... chariot... T-Rex scopes her line on Superior.


That would be the smile of a freshly blossoming ski freak.