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The Freaks'
Mostly Accurate
Ski Glossary

Snow Sliding Paraphernalia

Avalanche Cords
Noun. Before Avalanche beacons, skiers in avalanche terrain dragged avalanche cords behind themselves with the hopes that, in an avalanche, they would float to the surface to indicate their location if accidentally buried.
Bear Trap
Noun. The first metal ski binding that replaced leather straps. Allowed for better performance as well as more leg injuries.
Bondage Boards
Noun. Telemarkese for Alpine skiing equipment.
Fag Bag
Noun. One piece suit.
Noun. Extra wide skis. Width is relative.
Gaper Gap
Noun. The space between the top of ones goggles and the bottom of ones hat. Also, the amount of forehead that shows between goggles and hat. Generally speaking, the larger the gap, the greater the gaper.
Noun. Sticky wax paste used on the bottom of skis for cross country skiing on wet or old snow.
Noun. Acroynm for Long Old Gaper Skis.
Noun. A ski or a snowboard.
Poma Lift
Noun. A surface style lift designed by frenchman Jean Pomagalsk in 1935. Also called a "rump-lifter", riding a poma lift involves quickly putting a round disk between the legs and pulled up to the buttocks before the spring loaded connection activates and launches you up the hill.
Powder Cords
Noun. Bright orange or yellow cord tied to equipment in case of loss in a powdery yard sale. Good indicator of low DIN settings and/or beater status.
Ski Board
Noun. What gapers called snowboards during the 80's and early 90's, before they became common knowledge.
Skin Wax
Noun. Hard, slippery wax that is rubbed on skins to reduce friction and glopping on snow.
Noun. Snowmobile.
Noun. Snowboardese for ski poles.
Training Heels
Noun. Telemark word for alpine skiing equipment.
Noun. Norse god of winter. Often depicted as walking on skis. Unfortunately he was married to a snowshoeing goddess.

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